How do I upgrade/downgrade my Ramkat! Web Hosting Packages

1) Login to the Ramkat client area and go to your services
2) Navigate to the My Products/Services section and click on the product or service you wish to manage
3) Select the Upgrade/Downgrade link
4) Choose the product that you would like to upgrade to and make sure to specify whether you want to pay monthly or annually and click on Select Product
5) Click to continue if all is ok
6) Continue to make payment either through Bank Transfer, Paypal or Payfast

Upgrade will take place as soon as payment has been received.
Bank Transfer payments first need to be verified before payment can take place. Paypal and Payfast the upgrade will happen automatically once payment has been registered.

How it works
With the automated upgrading & downgrading features in WHMCS, you can upgrade or downgrade your Ramkat! products and packages you have from your client area. When you place an upgrade or downgrade order, you will be refunded what you haven't used of the current cycle on the existing product/service and then charged for the remainder of the cycle at the new product/services price. The next due date doesn't change.
Old Product/Service Price Per Day * Number of days until next due date = Amount Credited
New Product/Service Price Per Day * Number of days until next due date = Amount Debited
Total Payable Today = Amount Debited - Amount Credited

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