Reseller Hosting

Be in control! Get your Reseller Package Today!

Imagine you can create your own DirectAdmin Control Panels plus create, suspend and terminate them all by yourself! This is possible! Ramkat will provide you with your own DirectAdmin Reseller Account and this will empower you to create as many Control Panel accounts as you'd like. A kind warning that you need to have some knowledge about web hosting in order to fully appreciate what Reseller Packages can offer you and how you can benefit from them.

Experience the first out of the box thinking PAY-AS-YOU-GO Reseller Packages! In short, you pay a yearly amount for your Reseller Pay-As-You-Go Package and you simply add Disk Space as you go along. This is truly a GREAT economical option to go for in case you are still a very small entrepreneur or web designer.

Set Resellers

Pay monthly or annually for a set amount of Disk Space and Upgrade to bigger Disk Space Packages as the need arise.

  • GET 5GB, 10GB, 20GB, 35GB, 50GB, 75GB or 100GB
  • GET Free Additional domains
  • PAY less in 1st year


This trully out of the box pioneering. You can build your Web Design business at the phase that it grows. Simply buy more Disk Space as you need them. Plus added you get all the power to be fully in control of your Control Panel user accounts.

  • Top Up @ R125 per 1GB
  • BUY domains @ R75
  • Build as you GROW!

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